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What to expect from a Full Session

If you are either considering booking or have booked a future session with Amy Raab Photography you may be wondering what will come next and what a typical session might look like. I thought I would go over how my sessions usually flow so that you would know what to expect and how to plan for your photo shoot. [*This is mainly written for family, child or maternity sessions-newborn experiences will be the most dramatically different and I will cover those in detail when booked.]

1. With few exceptions, our session will take place outside and in a mutually agreed upon public location.

This is most often a park, but I do have some other locations in mind if that’s not your style. We will usually try to choose a place that will give us multiple options for backgrounds during your session and that will provide us with some beautiful backdrops. If you have suggestions about locations, don’t be shy! Speak up! If the location wont work very well then I will warn you of that…. but many of my favorite locations were originally client inspired!;)

2. My style is a mixture of lifestyle and posed photography.

I will try to capture a lot of photos of my subject(s) interacting, having fun, walking around, etc. I will also spend some time trying to use some posing ideas to get an interesting, yet more traditional family photo. If you want something else, feel free to ask! Input from you on what you want your resulting set of images to look like is very helpful to me when planning/conducting your session.

3. Our session will usually last 1 hour.

Honestly, I tend to run on the long side of this… it makes for a less stressful session if we give ourselves permission not to rush.

[*Due to the length of the sessions, please bring snacks (especially if you have little ones in your group) in case someone is hungry.]

4. The best time of day to do outdoor sessions is typically in the few hours before sunset or in the couple of hours following sunrise.

This does not mean that I never do sessions at time other than these, but I am aware that these time lend themselves to finding some beautiful light and I usually strive for that.

5. I like to personalize my sessions by asking clients to bring something that would make sense to have in your photo with the person/people being photographed.

If this is a child/family, I suggest bringing their favorite lovey or stuffed animal or their favorite book. I often take a “break” in posing to incorporate these during a moment of play or reading and these are often some of our favorite shots.

For couples, I find that its fun to incorporate something that they have in common or that they might do together. Reading books, playing scrabble, having a picnic, taking a walk, are just some examples.

Maternity sessions can be fun because parents will often bring a small pair of shoes or some blocks or something that they are saving for the sweet baby who’s arrival they are awaiting.

Regardless of what kind of session we are doing, we will discuss some of these details beforehand and come up with some fun ideas for things to do during your shoot.:)

6. Get ready to laugh, snuggle up, and have fun!

I am known for making my clients snuggle and gaze into each others’ eyes. This may sound silly, but I find that this kind of connection loosens clients up and makes them laugh…. and if I can make my clients feel like their photo session was a fun experience and their images capture them, then I am reaching my goal.

7. After your session…

You can first expect to see a sneak peek on Facebook within a week. This will only be a few images, but will give you an idea of what you will see in your full set. A few weeks after that (sometimes sooner) you will get an email letting you know that your gallery is complete! At this time i will invite you back to the studio for your ordering session. This is when you will see all your images for the first time. We will look through all the images together, I will show you all the cool products i offer and help you go through your images picking out your favorites! This is when you will place your order, so make sure anyone who has to be in on the ordering process is present. All orders are expected to be placed before you leave that day. But don’t worry.. I will be there and can help you with deciding on the perfect products for you and your family!:)



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